20 Amazing Chrome Extensions for Librarians

If you’re into library science and Google Chrome, then you may already know about book readers such as the netLibrary eBook Reader and the eBook Search at the Chrome Web Store — a shop just for Chrome users. But, you may not know about some other extensions that can make your library life easier — […]

25 Awesome iPhone and iPad Apps for Book Lovers

If you’re craving an iPad, then you may not be using your iPhone to its fullest capacity, especially if you’re not using that phone to employ book and news readers, e-books or organization tools for research. But, if you also have an iPad, then you have the advantage of using tools in both your iPhone […]

Top 20 Most Extravagant Libraries in the World

Libraries are hallowed places of learning. The hush you feel on a visit to a library, as well as all of the knowledge contained within its walls, makes every beautiful in its own right. However, there are some libraries that are extravagant in beauty and wealth, showcasing architecture as much as books.  You might be […]

10 Emerging Book Genres You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Literature, as with other creative pursuits, exists as one of the most diverse outlets for human expression available. Movements ebb and flow over time, allowing themselves to both influence and be influenced by the prevailing philosophical and cultural constructs swirling around them. Some obtain prominent – if not permanent – mainstream status and find their […]