6 Online Resources for Keeping Up with Library Trends

As a professional or student, one of the most important skills to hone is maintaining a working knowledge of library trends and issues. Whether your focus is special libraries, academic libraries, or the public sphere, employers want to ensure that potential hires can keep up with developments in the field. If you have already secured a professional position, you may already understand how the livelihood of libraries relies largely upon this knowledge.

How can you ensure that you don’t fall behind? Because this is a common qualification for job vacancies as well as a topic addressed in interviews, be sure to bookmark the following pages for future reference.


1. ALA – 2015 Report on Issues and Trends of America’s Libraries

The American Library Association (ALA) is a professional association worth joining, as it always creates an impression of commitment to a potential or current employer. This recent report addresses pertinent topics ranging from children’s literature to intellectual freedom. The breadth of information presented is invaluable.

2. Library Journal

This print and digital publication is a professional trade journal. Public, higher academic, and school libraries are all explored via editorials and news features. The ‘Public Library News Roundup’ will keep you apprised of what libraries throughout the U.S.  are currently doing.

3. YALSA’s The Hub

If you are currently a Teen or Youth Services Librarian or have an interest in becoming one, this site is worth monitoring regularly. It offers a detailed view into popular youth literature as well as a ‘Tweets of the Week’ section containing author updates and general library news.

4. Web Junction – Online Community of Librarians

Developed by librarians for librarians, this community site contains sage advice such as “Building a Positive Social Media Presence” and “Dealing with Angry Patrons.” What better way to learn what it’s like to be a librarian than from the source?

5. INALJ – I Need A Library Job

Similar to #4 in the sense that blog posts are created by those either enrolled in library school or librarians themselves. As a bonus, there are a slew of job/internship postings maintained daily.

Bonus Site (just for fun):

6. Librarian Problems

On a less serious note, this fun Twitter page features Tweets by users employed in the library field. They usually involve commentary or a circumstance to which any librarian or library student can relate. Ex: “Tech support: 40% patience, 40% following directions, 10% turnitoffandturnitbackon, 10% calling someone else.”

A key point to remember is that regardless of where you might be in your library career, you are never alone. Learning new technologies, ensuring a positive presence, and fueling your passion for librarianship are all attainable if you are aware of all the resources available.