Choosing a Library School

Hello readers, Have you delved a bit into the field library science and decided it’s the career path for you? Great! The next step is deciding which graduate school to attend. There are a plethora of resources available online to assist you in your decision.

Cool and Unusual Libraries Around the World

Calling all bibliophiles! If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely you have a strong affinity for libraries. Are you the kind of person who travels somewhere and just has to stop into the local library to see how their children/teen/reference department looks? Then this month’s post is for you.

Summer Reading Programs – What Works?

As we get ever-closer to summer recess, it’s time for my annual post about summer reading programs at public libraries. Summertime marks a respite for school librarians and the peak season for public librarians. As mentioned in my 2016 post , the three-month interim between academic sessions affords public librarians the opportunity to maintain literary engagement with […]

Finding Internship Opportunities

Most library science degree programs require a specific number of observational hours or some form of internship or both. The terminology used will vary based on which discipline you choose to study; school media students must complete a student teaching practicum, an archives student may need to complete hands-on experience in the form of an […]

Library Career Disciplines – The Cost of Education

In previous posts, I’ve discussed the varying pay scale rates of different disciplines within the library profession. I would now like to delve into the overall costs of pursing a specific concentration in regard to time as well as money. If as a reader of this blog you are undecided about where to begin to […]

3 Current Library Tech Trends

If you’ve done any job-hunting recently, you have probably noticed that any and every library position lists tech competencies under ‘qualifications.’ From school media specialists to public librarians to instructional support specialists, our craft entails a working knowledge of tech trends and systems. It is our responsibility as library professionals (and often a component of […]

The Value of Networking

Happy New Year! As we enter a new calendar year, some of you may be getting ready to make some major changes. Whether it be graduating, changing careers, or moving up the professional librarian ladder, you may wonder how you will be able to achieve some of the goals you set forth. Sometimes the most […]

Library Marketing and Outreach

Hello readers! Regardless of what type of library in which you are currently working or hope to be employed, one of the crucial skills of a modern librarian is marketing. As much as we fervent librarians would like to believe that if only we offer programming that is exciting and innovative we will attract the […]

Update on Salaries and Occupational Outlook

Whether you are considering delving into library science or contemplating a career change within the field, some of the concerns at the forefront of your mind are undoubtedly salary and job placement. Are there jobs readily available within your chosen field? Or are those employed within your specific focus underemployed or facing lay-offs? After all the time […]

Why join a library association?

Hello Readers, If you’ve been reading this blog you are now aware of the many different forms of librarianship and the overall skills required for each specialty. Just as there are a plethora of focuses in librarianship, there are also library associations which coincide with them all over the world. This month, I’m here to […]