I’ve Got a Library Science Degree…Now What?

You went to library school, got your MLIS with a concentration in Public Libraries, Archives, or School Media, and now you’re all set to start your job search. If you’re like me, you may have developed some professional contacts either through an internship or by attending various workshops. But, maybe you live in part of the country where the competition for a full-time position is fierce. Networking can make all the difference when it comes to hearing about open positions. But is that enough? Where else can you look for job vacancies in the library field in the meantime? 

It pays to be creative in your job search, especially if you have a background in other areas (i.e. a B.S. in History) or you have widespread interests. Here are some keywords to supplement “Library Science” and/or “Librarian” that you may want to explore, along with the job(s) that utilize these skill sets:

+ Writing/Writer – Blogger, English Teacher, Editorial Assistant

+ Research – Academic Librarian, Archival Consultant, Archivist, Fact-Checker, Research Librarian, Data Curator, Freelance Researcher, Research Coordinator, Data Scientist

+ Medicine – Medical Librarian, Medical Archivist

+ Art – Museum Archivist, Museum Curator, Art Historian. Collection Manager

+ History – Museum Archivist, Museum Curator, Manuscript Historian, Historical Research Consultant

+ Business – Market Analyst, Project Manager, Data Management Analyst, Business Information Specialist

+ Technology – Database Designer, Metadata Librarian, Web Analytics Manager, Digital Reference Librarian, Public Librarian, Academic Librarian, School Librarian, Metadata Specialist

The above are just a few specialties and their accompanying job titles.

Though this link’s job vacancies are outdated, you can get a good idea of what pertinent jobs exist in the field:

61 Non-Librarian Jobs for Librarians

Also, a commendable resource for job openings across the country and abroad (including virtual work) is INALJ (I Need a Librarian Job):


Recently, just as an example, jobs postings in NY State cover everything from Web Services Librarian to Library Assistant in Early Childhood Services.

The breadth of information out there is limitless in terms of job types and concentrations they entail. I hope I’ve broadened your perspective on the field of library and information science and wish you luck in your exploration of professional positions.