Doctorate Degrees in Information Systems

A doctorate in information systems is designed to prepare students for teaching and research careers. This involves the design, analysis, implementation and operation of computer-based information systems and other associated organizational and economic issues. By pursuing this doctoral degree, students will be provided with a wealth of in-depth knowledge of the information systems field.

Graduates of an information systems engineering program may find themselves designing databases, establishing the standards of a system, or operating, testing, designing, integrating and planning information systems for an organization. Students will have the ability to perform critical analysis of existing work, and to undertake research studies in order to advance their academic understanding of their respective field in the course of their doctoral studies and in their subsequent career. Take a look at a few of the career concentrations available to computer and information system research scientists.

Degree Requirements

Starting with a solid foundation in research methodology, this degree program builds on that by teaching state of the art technologies and approaches from computer science, artificial intelligence, economics, operations management, groupware, socio-technical networks, and more. While each program varies in structure, here are a few different common categories that list the types of classes that a student must complete in order to earn their degree.

  • Business Courses – Classes such as management, finances, and marketing may be required for students to take. These classes will prepare students for the nuances of a business, as they will be more substantial than similar courses previously taken at the master’s level.
  • Technical Courses – Students may be required to take a qualitative and quantitative research methods class. Overall, students may have some leniency in what they may take, since they will be encouraged to focus on a specific aspect of information systems. Some courses available to choose from may be similar to business systems analyst and designs, data structures, and operating systems.
  • Dissertation Course – Once a student has selected a topic and had it approved by a panel of department members, they may begin their research for their study of choice. Once their study is complete, they must compile the information collected through their intensive research and again present it to the institution’s department for approval. A successfully completed dissertation is awarded credit hours as though it were a traditional class.

Graduates are prepared to design effective information systems, develop efficient computer and communications networks, conduct complex systems analysis, create sophisticated decision support systems, and understand the cost and benefits of system options. The degree may be completed with an additional 2 years of study after completion of a related Master’s program.

Information Systems Doctorate Degrees